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  1. GG HUHU. He’s not retiring i think, he’s just gonna have a to eat all the bullshit he said.

    it was fair u cry babies. he got kneed in the heart trololololol!


  2. SOLB! UFC 140

    I was going to an outing dapat but i opted to stay and watch jones fight because i dont know when the replay is eh haha and im tamad to search it sa internets. Oh man, more than i bargained for, ganda! worth it kung nagpay-per-view ako haha kasi:

    • Record tying 7 seconds knock out on the first fight, may bonus pa kasi asian dude! we rarely see asians prosper in this league. Korean siya
    • PUUUU Frank Mir, Binali un kamay ni Minataro. I was on Mir’s side so when he got shook by a straight medyo kinabahan ako pero damn, he came back and ju-jeet-sued the shit out of noguerra, who was more favored on ground game. It was a SLAP on his(noguerra) face kaya di siya nagTap, his arm got broken or shoulder dislocated idk, mapride talaga. It took some time to get noguerra out of the ring, tapos na n interviews nkahiga parin siya HAHAHA
    • ┬áMAIN EVENT: i thought no one could outshine what frank did pero HOLY CHISMAX! 1st round was machida’s, he tested johhny bonez. ibang usapan na sa second round, one elbow and it was over or prolly just started there, the punch was the ticket to sleepy time na haha, then j-bonez did a standing guillotine, a move that only he can do because of his long arms. TUULOG! as in dead asleep(pic above) because the ref didn’t see his lose hand to tap.

    on a side note: the only thing not good was the loss of ortiz, i was sad konte. he was nearing retirement na.